Matthias Gaberthüel

Matthias Gaberthüel



I am a swiss photographer who is discovering the planet! I love to take pictures from anything that catches my attention and that`s why you will find here quite a mixed portfolio. I hope you like it.

Thanks for any feedback :)

Cheers, Matthias

... more about myself:

Im on this planet since 1972 and Im living together with my family in Hofstetten thats about 15 km from Basel in the north of Switzerland. Im working as a Technical Manager in the agribusiness industry and developing crop protection compounds globally. I travel quite a lot and that`s was also the reason I have started with photography 20 years ago.I bought my first digital camera in 98 and since then developing pictures by using software like Lightroom is part of my work. My current portfolio contains over 150000 pictures from over 38 countries, so if you are looking for special picture or you are interested in any project or a photoshooting just contact me.